Retirement Wishes

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“Thanks for helping to cultivate such an amazing experience for me while I was a student. Forever a Dolphin!”

-Travis Allen, CI Alum

“Thank you for your commitment, hard work and vision in leading CSUCI from its inception to the thriving and vibrant campus it is today. Enjoy your retirement – you’ve earned some R&R!”

– Matt Anderson, CI Alum ‘05

“Much of what we have built these past many years is a direct result of your leadership, vision, and civility. You are without question the best academic leader I have encountered in all my years of rambling about across the higher education landscape.”

-Sean Anderson, CI Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Resource Management

“Thank you for all you did for us at CSUCI. As a former student I wanted to tell you how much you impacted my time at CSUCI. You truly cared about all of us and always said hello. Just your presence and kind words made a difference. Thank you and best of luck in all you do!”

– Jaclyn Armstrong

“We owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude that can only be repaid by our continuing to evolve and grow to full maturity. Now it is time for you to pursue the enrichment of your own life just as you have enriched countless other lives. You will be missed and remembered and revered.”

-Professor Harley Baker, CI Faculty

“You are not only a brilliant and a completely dedicated and committed leader and academician, but you are a solid and quality human being. Congratulations on a job well done […] and for cementing an indelible legacy with CSUCI that will serve many generations to come.”

-John Baker, Senior Executive Director for Development, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

“Thank you so much for your support and service to the CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology. Your help and “can do” spirit truly helped make this a “CSUPERB” organization. I’ve learned much from your modeling of higher ed leadership. May you have unscheduled days ahead!”

Susan Baxter

“We have been privileged to share your friendship through your extraordinary contributions to SDSU, CSUSM, Minnesota State, and CSUCI. We salute you for your vision, leadership, work ethic and especially your sense of humor and goodwill. Thank you and best wishes for this next stage of your career!”

-Joe & Angela Bear

“I was honored to contribute toward the start of CSU Channel Islands and I am very pleased with what all of you have done. I am proud to say I grew up in the town with CSU Channel Islands.”

-Todd G. Beguelin, Senior Financial Advisor, Meridian Private Wealth Management, Inc.

“You will continue to have an impact long after you retire and we as students are extremely grateful for everything you have done on campus and your impact and presence with the students of CI!”

-Julia Bennett, CI Alum

“President Rush has impacted my experience, not only as a former student, but as a current higher education professional. Your influence and the techniques and skills I learned from you have greatly impacted the students I work with. CI was lucky to have you and your legacy will continue long after your departure! You are the ‘CI Way’ at its best.”

-Anthony Bernardo II, CI Alum

“Bravo to you for all you have accomplished. I know you will close this chapter in style.”

-Don Betz, President, University of Central Oklahoma

“My congratulations to bringing a first-rate university to Ventura County!”

-Yvonne Bodle Farris

“So not surprising to read all the fond accolades in the Channel Magazine. California obviously knows what I know from our brief time together at Mankato: you are a quality guy! I will not try to outdo all the great things poets have written of fine men. Simply said: You, sir, have made a difference!”

-Jim Bracke

“Thank you for your wisdom, dedication and leadership. You have made a lasting difference and are irreplaceable.”

-Michael Bradbury, District Attorney, County of Ventura (Ret.)

“I do not believe anyone else could have brought the University to where it is today and I wish you well!”

-Patty Brown

“I can’t imagine anyone doing the job as well and with as much caring and interest in the students faculty and staff. You created a wonderful university that I am proud to be a graduate of.”

-Erika Butler-Ronchietto, CI Alum

“It is difficult to think of CSU Channel Islands without Richard Rush. Let me be one of many to express appreciation for what you have accomplished for education.”

-Michael Case, Founding Partner, Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP

“Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful retirement.”

-Elizabeth Canavan, CSU San Marcos

“Under your leadership CSUCI has become an institution with an enviable reputation.”

-John Chamberlain, Director of Marketing, Limoneira

“You have been a tremendous and valuable gift for CSUCI and Ventura County.”

-Holly Cole, Verizon

“Dear Friend, Your presidency at Minnesota State, opened the campus to the entire city and woke us up to appreciate and support education with our time and finances. So many wonderful accomplishments took place during your years in Mankato — the entire state recognizes your leadership.”

-Dr. James and Kristine Connors

“You’ve opened many opportunities for thousands of residents in Ventura County and provided hopes to many families. You will leave an everlasting mark and legacy at CI.”

-Hung Dang, CI Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

“Your vision and leadership helped to develop the campus into a community of learners that has made a difference in the lives of so many.”

-Brian Dietz

“A grateful community can only say THANK YOU!”

-Linda and John Dullam

“I will always remain proud of attending and graduating from CI. It was quickly evident to me that your genuine concern and leadership attracted only ‘the best’ in administrators, educators and staff. Please know you will never be replaced; instead, you will forever be remembered as the positive light that led the way to establish and grow a university that sparked active change for the betterment of society.”

-David Duran, CI Alum

“You have left a HUGE mark on the community, the campus and my life. I value you tremendously and will forever tribute so much of what I have learned to you. I thank you so much for investing time and energy into me and my peers.”

-Jessica Easterly, CI Alum, Relay For Life Manager, Constituent Engagement

“I have always been proud of your commitment to partnering with Casa Pacifica. Your contributions to CSUCI through the dozen years we have lived here have made such a difference to students and to the whole community.”

-Carole Echt

“Of all the Superheroes I have known in my life you are at the top of the list. The mountains you have moved and the legacy that you leave will be remembered for generations to come and I have enjoyed each moment I have had being affiliated with you, ‘your’ university and everything you have done.”

-Harold Edwards, President/CEO, Limoneira

“While I fully understand that it takes a very strong team to accomplish this much, it is also true that it takes a leader with great integrity, a spirit of eternal optimism, clear vision, humanity and respect for all others as well.”

-Ritch Eich

“Thank you for the years of hard work and dedication you have put into this University. The spirit and environment at CI is what made me transfer here from CSUN and that type of vibe is only exuded by a campus community from having such a great leader.”

-Martha Ferguson, CI HR Support Coordinator

“You are one of our exemplary university presidents that champions diversity and inclusion passionately […] We are most grateful for your dedicated leadership and great accomplishments in the development of the 23rd CSU campus into a 21st century institution.”

-Antonio R. Flores, President & CEO, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

“You deserve to be very proud of the leadership role you have provided in establishing a first-rate and innovative CSU campus. I appreciate the role you have played in encouraging and supporting the collaborative initiatives between our campuses and with members of our community.”

-Jack Friedlander

“CI is home to so many lives and it’s because of your leadership, your humanness, and your character that is this way.”

-Tania Garcia, CI Director of Development, Alumni Relations

“You have so much for which to be proud and your legacy will pass on from one CSUCI student to the next to the next into perpetuity.”

-Lori Gaskin, President, Santa Barbara City College

“Thank you for your leadership in helping CSUCI grow into such a fine university. It was only four years old when our daughter started at CSUCI. We’ve watched it grow into a beautiful campus and a much larger enrollment. You should be proud of all your accomplishments. Thank you.”

– Lydia & Grant Geissman

“Although I have never personally met you, I truly appreciate the school you have built for past, present and future students. As a student, I am constantly reminded of how thoughtful this institution is. I am honored to be a part of this community and I thank you for creating this environment.”

Miranda Gerda, CI Student

“Best wishes and congratulations on making CSU Channel Islands a beacon of education for Ventura County.”

-Jeff Gordon, CEO, BrightWise

“I’m sure the entire community would agree how fortunate we are to have had you leading the creation and growth of our first 4 year university.”

-Steven M. Greenwood

Thanks for opening the doors to higher education in Ventura County. Your vision and passion has empowered thousands of students to improve their education. You provided us the access to academic preparation. Your passion to engage community members and advocate for social stewardship will remain with us.”

-Gabriel Guillen, BSN, RN 2011 CI Alumni

“Thank you for your years of leadership and guidance. You have built a remarkable institution.”

-Scott Harris, President, Mustang Marketing

“You truly have ‘created’ an incredible institution at CI.”

-Dianne F. Harrison, President, CSU Northridge

“You have led CSUCI very well during its most difficult growing years. Under your leadership this university has grown in a very positive way in many aspects.”

-Marilyn Fordney and Sandor “Alex” Havasi, Havasi Wilderness Foundation

“You have embodied the best exemplars of presidents and colleagues – high integrity, strategic; in for the greater good of a campus; collegial and fun!”

-Karen S. Haynes, President, CSU San Marcos

“Thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself during my first years at CSU Channel Islands. It is because of your leadership that I have been inspired to work hard to achieve my dreams and I’m truly excited to watch this campus grow from what you helped create. Best wishes!”

– Elizabeth Heim

“Your stewardship, passion, and leadership as President of CSU Channel Islands was instrumental in bringing such a beautiful campus of higher learning to Ventura County!”

-Jack Hinojosa, Chief Operations Officer, Child Development Resources of Ventura County, Inc.

“You have done so much great work to get the university on a path for generations of success.”

-Tim Huebsch, Solutions Manager – Supply Chain Field Solutions & Engineering | Global Business Solutions, General Mills

“President Rush has left a legacy of authenticity in my life and countless others by embodying it in his own.”

-Jacob Jenkins, CI Assistant Professor of Communication

“We are honored to have such an amazing Cal State University in Ventura, due in no small part, to you.”

-Dena Jenson, Vice-President & Director, Center for Nonprofit Leadership, Ventura County Community Foundation

“You once took me on a tour of some chicken coops. The CSU system is fortunate to have had you.”

-Frank Jewett

“The university represents your fantastic guidance and deep thinking and action.”

-Joan Karp

“Congratulations for all of your wonderful accomplishments at CSUCI. I won’t be able to attend the celebration but send my very best wishes. You have been an outstanding president. The institution has come so far in really a short period of time.”

-Don Kassing, retired President, San Jose State University

“Thank You President Rush – CI and Ventura County are better because of your leadership and foresight! You have left a lasting imprint on all of our lives. CI is truly “our” university!”

-Hank & Leah Lacayo

“I hope you know how many lives you’ve touched while you’ve been there, including mine. I consider myself so privileged to have been a student at CSUCI during your time there. It definitely would not have been the same without you.”

-Danika Lindsey, CI Alum

“Robert Kennedy started one of his oft-quoted pearls … ‘Few will have the greatness to bend history itself ….’ In reflecting on these words, we all know that you two have done just that. You came to Ventura County having already made a difference; but here, the “team” of Dick and Jane charted a new direction for so many – young, seasoned, and anyone in between. We all know that; we all feel it; we are all grateful for it; and we all truly admire your commitment to making that difference. Dick, you said that we are the future of CI … True, but you are the rock, the foundation. When you spoke to the new faculty yesterday, you helped each person breath in that identity, responsibility, culture … amazing.”

-Mark and Terri Lisagor

“Thank you President Rush for all that you have done throughout the years for CI and us students. Best wishes on the next chapter of your life!”

-Stephanie Lopez, CI Alum

“Thank you for all of the wonderful professional opportunities you made possible for me. I had a glorious time as your assistant and as provost.”

-Ted Lucas

“W. Bennis stated, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” and President Rush, you have dared to lead! Congratulations on building a strong foundation for such a reputable, innovative, and admirable institution of higher learning! Wishing you a very happy retirement!”

-Marisol Luna

“Thank you for putting CI on the map!”

-Dave Lynn, Regional Sales Manager, Jordano’s, Inc.

“It will be so hard to imagine Channel Islands without you. You have created, guided, and nurtured a gem in the state. It is a legacy built on character, ethics, wisdom, and dedication.”

-Christine Mallon, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Programs and Faculty Development, CSU Office of the Chancellor

“You’ve done a terrific job building CSUCI. You’ve even convinced us in Ventura County that ‘our university’ was built by us when anyone with even rudimentary observational skills knows it was built by you and your teams of staff, faculty and students.”

-Gene Mancini

“I will sorely miss working with the person responsible for developing CSUCI into the premier institution it has become, and it is my expectation that your vision will continue to guide its progress for many years to come. I also feel deeply honored to call you not only a colleague but my friend.”

-Stan Mantooth, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools

“Congratulations on your hard work and retirement.”

-Dr. Marla Mastin, Minnesota State University

“You are such a tremendous leader for our community. You have a huge impact on those around you and I’m fortunate that I’ve had a chance to be around you.”

-James McGee, CEO, American Red Cross

“You have set a tone of enthusiasm for accomplishment and your fifteen year term speaks for itself by way of goals accomplished and exceeded.”

-Douglas F. McRae

“I have always admired and respected your hard work and dedication to helping students and parents. You have been an inspiration to our community. Your leadership is simply the best – ever!”

-Jose I. Mendoza, Special Populations Educational Support Dept., Ventura County Office of Education

“I enjoyed your warm, welcoming and innovative spirit during my time working at CI. Thank you for believing in me and providing me wonderful professional opportunities. I have taken many important lessons with me to my new role as Dean of Students at Cal State LA. Thank You!”

– Jennifer Miller

“I have appreciated your wisdom, experience, smarts and humor. You are a special gentleman, colleague and friend.”

-Leroy Morishita, President, CSU East Bay

“From when I first met you, I recognized you as a significant thought leader and visionary. You brought inspirational leadership to the CSU system and on your campus. You are a force of nature and created something just extraordinary.”

–Felice Nudelman, Chancellor, Antioch University

“I take heart and pride in knowing, along with you, I have been a part of building a great university that is truly committed to serving the community.”

-Pilar Pacheco, CI Managing Director, Center for Community Engagement

“Thank you for everything President Rush. Feel content that your mission for us students was very much accomplished and that we, in one way or another, are highly proud to call ourselves a CI Dolphin.”

-Stephanie Perdomo, CI Alum

“CI has truly been maturing into the remarkable university it was always destined to be. I believe there is a vision shared amongst CI leaders of the great things to come and I know that vision began with you. Thank you for your time and your outstanding achievements; none of this would have been possible without you. You will be greatly missed and forever remembered.”

–Kevin Piper, CI Student

“What a privilege and great pleasure it’s been to be a faculty member in this student-centered, civilized, and exciting university your inspiring leadership created and preserved. May your retirement be as rich an experience for you and everyone you touch as your CI presidency has been.”

–Joan Peters, retired CI faculty

“What a legacy you leave! To have launched two universities in such a distinguished system, and to put them both on such firm footing, is amazing. And to do so with the joy, enthusiasm and conviviality that you brought to your work is equally impressive.”

-David Potter, Former President, North Georgia College & State University

“You have truly done a remarkable job with the Channel Islands campus, particularly in the new era of scarce resources. In such a short period of time, Channel Islands has become a wonderful university, and your leadership was absolutely the key factor to its success.”

-Steve Relyea, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, CSU Office of the Chancellor

“What an amazing run this has been. You have truly made history and absolutely changed dreams into realities.”

-Pat Richards-Dodds, Director of Development, Studio Channel Islands Art Center

“President Rush, Thank you so much for making CSU Channel Islands a great educational institution. You’ve brought great enthusiasm and strength to all the CSUCI community. Your legacy will be missed forever. I wish you the best of luck. We are CI!”

-Chris Ringor, CI Student

“Thanks for all the ways in which you have moved your campus and the CSU forward.”

-Lisa A. Rossbacher, President, Humboldt University

“I can’t find the words to express adequately the type of leadership you have provided for Channel Islands, the CSU, and higher education in general. You have had an extraordinary career!”

-James Rosser, former President, CSU Los Angeles

“You have done such an amazing job in developing a phenomenal educational program at CSUCI. There is little doubt that you will be truly missed; but your legacy will live on for decades to come.”

-Ric Ruffienelli, ZestNet, Inc.

“You have created an environment where employees can thrive.  You’ve encouraged us to take risks, to be bold and innovative. Not many individuals can say, they were part of a start-up University.”

– Sue Saunders, retired CI staff

“You have inspired others in the geographical community not just the university. I have been so impressed with your leadership.”

-Joe Schroeder

“Universities never come and go. They last for decades and centuries. They bring greatness to every society, every city, every state, and every country. They educate the future generations, and they create a framework for civility in our past. Thank you, President Rush, for building our future.”

-Blaise Simqu

“You are an asset to the campus and the community as a whole. You are a tremendous and impeccable leader!”

-Paul Southerland, CI Alum

“As someone who worked at the CSUCI site when it was still a state hospital, I can fully appreciate the educational blooming that has occurred under your leadership.”

-Mary Stephens, VP Administration & Finance, CSU Long Beach

“Thank you President Rush for your outstanding leadership, humanism and friendship!”

-Maria Tauber, retired CI Staff

“Thank you for helping to teach this Dolphin how to swim!”

-Lundon Templeton, CI Staff and Alum

“You have created a positive impact on CSUCI and the thousands of students, employees and residents whom you have given an opportunity to be the next leaders and stewards of our country.”

-Louie Valdez, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services Inc.

“You have created an amazing educational institution for our community.”

-Rosalind Warner, M.D., President, Board of Directors, Casa Pacifica

“You have been an amazing force for good!”

-Lynda Weinman,

“You have been an inspiration to all of us and an excellent example for us to aspire to in our own leadership roles. Thank you so much for your service to our University. You will be sorely missed.”

-Kay Wigton, Union Bank

“CSUCI is losing an incredible leader. I hope whoever takes your place can keep up the momentum and atmosphere at the University that you have worked so hard to create among students and faculty.”

-Peter Wollons, President & CEO, Airborne Technologies, Inc.

“President Rush has proven to be a great partner to PCL Construction Services, Inc. in the numerous Capital Improvement projects that we have participated together in over the past ten years. We will miss his leadership and wish him great success moving forward.”

-Chris Wrenn, PCL Construction Services, Inc.

“You’ve done an absolutely incredible job and this community is fortunate to have had your leadership for as long as it has. What you have built will have a legacy forever as evolving this region to new heights and levels.”

-David L. Wurth, CEO/Publisher, C-Suite Media, Inc.

“As the founding president, you have created a lasting legacy that will spur education and innovation for generations to come.”

-Henry Yang, Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara

“Congratulations. You have done our community a tremendous service.”

-John Zaruka, President, The Tower Club